Saturday, January 11, 2014

bought and sold

EU To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Unregistered Gardens

Aaron Dykes
Truth Stream Media
11 January 2014

"This kind of tactic was literally used in the occupation of Iraq, by the way, where Bush appointee Paul Bremmer instituted the so-called 100 Orders of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) that in one part forced Iraqi farmers to use only registered seeds, essentially jeopardizing thousands of thousands of years of heirloom seed agriculture, dating back to Mesopotamia.

Instead, it strong armed most farmers into using genetically-modified seeds – even as new corporate friendly agricultural cropped up to grow a brand new corn industry to grow, in turn to grow fodder for its brand new beef cattle industry."

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Hat tip: Activist Post

It is that "essentially jeopardizing thousands of thousands of years of heirloom seed agriculture, dating back to Mesopotamia" that stings the worst. What cheek, to undo the eras, as if the mere minutes of your existence could count for anything.

Yet that is indeed the arrogance of our day.

I am reading, A Pig in Provence, a charming memoir by Georgeanne Brennan, an award-winning cookbook author. She tells the story of a Provence now gone from us, in the detail that only a woman who knows food, and friends, quite so well as Ms. Brennan does, could so exquisitely set out.

It is, however, within her text that I discovered several descriptions that, for me, seemed to encapsulate as well as the article linked above, what is coming over the horizon.

In her introduction, Brennan writes of coming back to Provence to visit and her fleeting concern, as she nears, that

"…surely all will have changed, since my last trip six months before…The land will be filled with billboards and housing developments, the vineyards pulled, the little villages diminished by suburban sprawl, the cafés closed…

Later, she tells of the days before corporations began to encroach the Provence she knew.

In those days, large supermarkets were far away in the cities, and the smaller versions of Intermarché and Casino had not been yet built. Most villages had only a tiny épicerie, maybe two. Some villages were even too small to have a weekly market, so the traveling purveyors were counted on to supply everything except fruit, vegetables, olive oil, and wine.  

But then, that darker turn.

"Until the 1990's, when the European norms on food safety became increasingly strict, and strictly enforced, places like Le Relais Notre-Dame still followed the patterns set down in the early days."

Telling the lushness of food that was, "as a matter of course, fresh, artisinal and seasonal," and dishes like "homemade saucissons, pâtés, and daubes made of wild boar," Brennan details her family's first dinner at Le Relais Notre-Dame.

Then speaks quietly to a pâté that was seasoned:

"…with their own eau-de-vie, at least as long as their grandfather was alive. His generation was the last to have the legal right to make distilled products, like eau-de-vie, in this case an eighty proof alcohol made from distilling the skins and seeds of the grapes after pressing."

I will leave her description of the restaurant in its later years to Ms. Brennan. Read her book.

What might seem mere quiet testament to the loss of an older way, for me shouts out to that same burgeoning end, where even the smaller freedoms of the delights found in sustenance are becoming lost to us.

Who ever would have dreamed that the blessing of food could be distorted and destroyed.

And what monster could design to distort and destroy this blessing of God. You see, perhaps, why, in reading Ms. Brennan's delightful memoir, I see evidence of that dark sorrow that looms so near.

Given the coming press of GMO legislations, and other such atrocities, some of which are being tracked herein, others of which are reminded in the article linked above, Brennan's lovely memoir already speaks of a day long gone, for all that it begins with a goat farm, and fresh goat cheese…

In the 1970's…

Not so long ago.

I encourage readers to find a copy of her 2007 book, and at least have a picture to keep in the mind of a sweeter time.

In good theory, what is in our minds cannot be taken from us.

[Editor's note. I hope that Ms. Brennan will forgive my borrowing her thoughts for the use I have made of them. Why is it that descriptions of food, and tables were friends sit, and eat, always give back so very much to those who read of them?

Again, I very much encourage readers to find a copy of her classic on Provence, and enjoy. Food is indeed a feast for the very soul.

And please note that my quoting Ms. Brennan is not intended to make her complicit in my framing of the hour! And yes, times change, in the generations. It is not all the fault of the cooperations, although I do see them, along with government, in being a large portion of the destruction about us. Sophia]

Maine becomes second state to require GMO labeling

a Texas home school incident

Texas judge takes children from parents over home schooling

April Thompson
Communities | The Washington Times
11 January 2014

"…the children are to remain in public school pending further educational evaluations. Lambert says that this case should be a cause of concern for all homeschool families, “since all it takes is an anonymous phone call to have a family under investigation by CPS and if, with no evidence of abuse or neglect, a judge or CPS can remove children simply by alleging that the children are behind academically, then many families could be at risk.”"

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the death of Ariel Sharon

Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon dies after eight-year coma

Harriett Sherwood | Jerusalem
The Guardian
11 January 2014

"…for many Israelis he will be mourned as a giant figure who played a key role in shaping Israel both as a soldier and a statesman. His passing severs the last link to the iconic generation which fought in the 1948 war that followed the declaration of the state. His reputation as a fearless – and controversial - soldier was matched by his uncompromising ideology as a politician."

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The dying of a man revered by his people, and the beloved of his family, is always a time of mourning. May G-d be with the Sharon family, and Israel, in His peace, and holding, at this time.

Prophecy theorists, however, have been linking the death of Ariel Sharon to the coming of Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Son of the Living God, due to a prophecy made by a Jewish rabbi-prophet, Yitzhak Kaduri.

That prophecy is the subject of this post.

In 2004, Kaduri told an associate that he saw the face of the Messiah.

In 2005, he reported that, 'With the help of G- d, the soul of the Messiah has attached itself to a person in Israel.'

As another site notes, however,

This concept is electric to the Jewish mind and startling to the Christian mind.  What about those disciples of Jesus the Nazarene?  One concept is stark and clear, the Jewish concept of the return of the Messiah is clearly natural and this-worldly while the Christian concept of the return of the Messiah is supernatural and other-worldly. 
The Jewish sages believe that the messiah of Israel will be fully human.  The God-man blend of the Messiah as seen by many Christians is foreign to the ears of those who believe in the One Monotheistic God of the Universe. Yet the power of the Jewish Tzaddik (righteous one) as an agent of the Almighty One of Israel to intervene and stand as a representative for a human sinner is the closest compromise that a Jewish sage would consider as the role of a messiah of Israel. [SOURCE]

In 2006, Kaduri died. The pot begins to boil herein.

A few months before Kaduri died at the age of 108, he surprised his followers when he told them that he met the Messiah. Kaduri gave a message in his synagogue on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, teaching how to recognize the Messiah. He also mentioned that the Messiah would appear to Israel after Ariel Sharon’s death… Other rabbis predict the same, including Rabbi Haim Cohen, kabbalist Nir Ben Artzi and the wife of Rabbi Haim Kneiveskzy. [SOURCE]

He left a note, however, that was to remain unopened until a year after his death.

Rabbi David Kaduri, the elderly son of Kaduri, denied the note was his father's.

“It’s not his writing,” he said when we showed him a copy of the note. During a night-time meeting in the Nahalat Yitzhak Yeshiva in Jerusalem, books with Kaduri’s handwriting from 80 years ago were presented to us in an attempt to prove that the Messiah note was not authentic.
When we told Rabbi Kaduri that his father’s official website ( had mentioned the Messiah note, he was shocked. “Oh no! That’s blasphemy. The people could understand that my father pointed to him [the Messiah of the Christians].” David Kaduri confirmed, however, that in his last year his father had talked and dreamed almost exclusively about the Messiah and his coming. “My father has met the Messiah in a vision,” he said, “and told us that he would come soon." [SOURCE]
A great many prophecy theorists seem to believe that this Yehoshua who is to be revealed at the death of Ariel Sharon is the Redeemer and Son of the Living God who walked our world some two thousand years ago and promised to return. (Note. I am not always certain if they believe this, or rather, are warning against falling to the mis-belief tracked herein.

We presume too often to the 'same eyes seeing' of our readers where, on the Internet, those who do not see with the same eyes as our own often read.

Too, although I have read of this prophecy by Rabbi Kaduri at several sites, I link to only the few sources in this post. Readers should be aware that I do not necessarily hold these sites to the global of what I say regarding 'many prophecy theorists.'

The link between the coming of this Anti-Christ, however, and the very short span remaining when 'all these things are done' is much of note. In that, we are surely all agreed, that Jesus returns soon. Sophia.)

Many Christians now may not be able to conceive of the Second Coming of our Lord. What I am laying out in this post, certainly, would be of no advantage to these. For the rest, however, Jesus plainly told that other Christs would come.

And that He would return in exactly the way that He left us: from the sky.

And that another would come, and many would believe in him.

And he would not be the One.

Much of Christianity has regarded that 'other Christ' as the Anti-Christ.

The early Church left many warnings signs against which we should keep watch for Jesus' return.

Kaduri, however, like a revered American prophet, David Wilkerson, set calendar dates to some of his prophecies, and (to the mind of many) may have discredited himself, mystic and revered sage though he was, when all were not fulfilled in the exactness in which he set them.

To not take note of what is simmering out there now is to not keep watch, however, and that would seem the graver matter than whether or not a 'prophecy' met its exact date. When exact dates are set, and fail, certainly, by these lesser failings, the ancient prophecies of the undivided Church risk being brought to disrepute by those who, yes, are already prone to such discrediting, and by any means available.

Yet the laboratory setting (action requiring an exact and repeatable response to be proven) of the modern world is clearly not made of the stuff of eternity, which is often wrought in the metaphor of poetry, which remains the language of the Divine.

As for me, I prefer the language (and proof) of eternity…

[Note. The statements and/or beliefs of the links sited above are not necessarily ones with which I might agree. I am merely setting in several views that might help elucidate what is developing in regard to a link between the death of Ariel Sharon and the supposed statements of a Jewish Rabbi.

As in the Christian faith, what is stated by a single rabbi cannot be said to represent the thoughts or beliefs of Judaism. Different ideas about faith, and the relationship of each individual to God, and responsibilities of each individual inherent in that relationship, prevail amongst us.  I would not at all want to interrupt that process for any of us.

Yet clearly believe that one item is required of us, and that one item will result in our eternal future.

Too, in regard to prophecy theorists quoted herein, I do not intend to credit or discredit their work or exploration, regardless of whether or not I might agree or disagree with what they propose.  Use of the Kabbalah, however, in these prophecies and theories…

Certainly places all in a particular frame that any who are curious would do well to resolve first.

It is always of note, however, that St. Paul plainly laid out (as does a true grasp of Revelation: a more complicated matter than can be set in with a single citation), that the hearts of the Jews would be hardened (against Christ) until the time of the Gentiles was ended.

At this time, the Jewish faith will return to their own son: Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Son of the Living God…

Who will return in the same way He left us, and save His own. Sophia.]