Saturday, January 18, 2014

ignoring that it never should have been an issue

Bloggers, public have First Amendment protection – US court

Susana Vera
18 January 2014

"A federal appeals court has ruled that bloggers and the general public have the same protection of the First Amendment as journalists when sued for defamation. Should the issue be of public concern, the claimant has to prove negligence to win the case."


Hat tip: Steve Quayle

could have been, but wasn't

Senate: 'Benghazi Could Have Been Prevented'

Efrem Graham
CBN News
16 January 2014

"The report reveals there were no protests prior to the attacks as the White House first claimed. At least 60 attackers penetrated the consulate and five extremist groups took part -- all had ties to al Qaeda.

The report is highly critical of the State Department, run by Hillary Clinton at the time. "


sometimes a moral element

California’s Humane-Chicken Act Complicates U.S. Farm Law

Alan Bjerga and Derek Wallbank
13 January 2014

"King said California’s policies are an unconstitutional infringement of state commerce and is pushing Congress to overturn the rule using the multi-year farm bill. King is getting support from cattle farmers too, who are worried that if farmers are required to treat chickens better, pigs and cattle will be next.

Animal-welfare advocates to constitutional scholars say King’s effort may encourage encroachment on state’s rights."



The moral impossibilities inherent in the food we eat, unfortunately, become many.

From the horrific manner in which animals to be slaughtered are tended, to the slaughter process itself…

To the genetically modified condition now of too much of our food…

To the additives…

To the additives present yet not listed in the ingredient list [metals and other awfuls]…

To the testing process [that line developed from the cell of an aborted kidney]…

To the excessive testing itself (which tests toward the best taste for your palate: read, gluttony]…

To excess, to vegetarian or not, to the radiation now from Fukushima, to…

Well. You get the picture. And somewhere in the midst of all, the government regulations…

But in the meanwhile.

Dare I eat anything I did not personally raise on my own land, and then cook from scratch…

Dare I take another bite…

That obligation, after all, to tend well and graciously the body that is the temple of the Holy Spirit…

In addition to basic self-preservation…

Food becomes an issue, like the wars toddlers take on, not opening their mouth for a single bite.

And we don't know what is still to come.

a young Canadian beauty meets world

Canadian Pro-Palestinian Student Threatens “I Will Soak A Koffiah With Your [Israeli] Blood,” Calls It “Creative Writing”

Robert Rich
Mr. Conservative
14 January 2014

"The former leader of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, or the SPHR, at the University of Calgary, recently posted an obnoxiously hateful message toward Israelis.  On Christmas, Ala’a Hamdan wrote, “I was born to become the next Palestinian fighter. In my mother’s womb I had a rock in my hand and a Palestinian flag in the other and now I’ve sworn that every breath I take is that of resistance.”"


from Frontpage News
the student group's Facebook page (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights | Calgary Chapter)
Ala'a Hamdan's Facebook page

In a 7 January 2014 post on her Facebook page, Ala'a Hamdan, the young beauty who wrote the article claimed now to be creative writing, clarifies her intent, and the backlash she has experienced:

Recently I have been personally attacked by a community group called Calgary United With Israel (CUWI). On my personal Facebook page, I had written some literary pieces about the emotional and humanitarian reflections about the lives of Palestinians, mainly on children, and I have been called out on a few of them and accused of “hate speech”. These hateful messages have been spread through social media and I have been personally targeted with atrocious terms.

I was unable to locate the literary pieces on her Facebook page (which does not require that she has removed any). However, Ms. Hamdan further states:

I am asking my fellow peace activists to share some of my pieces of writing, especially the three pieces I got called out on, to show some support. In my opinion, it is absolutely pointless for us as human rights activists to fight back against those who will never be convinced of the truth, so I believe that supporting each other by sharing such work is a peaceful and important way of solidarity. 
If you would be interested in helping me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Please let me know and I can send you my short writings if you want them.

In human rights and other struggles, inevitably, all is rant, and after, cover-up. We draw our lines in the sand now, so that the nearest tide can wash them out as though they had never been. Where, in this particular matter, any residue of once-written, once-intended might be clearly seen remains in the present moment of the one who perceives…


Read an interesting article recently, and while that hint of rant infects all these days, an interesting story comes into view. Certainly, human rights being what they are, it is not necessarily (or completely) the answer.

I err, to be sure, on the side of Israel.

But as in all things, with great caution.

oh boy

Creepiest SmartPhone App Yet Scans Crowd for People with Dating Site Profiles 

Kimberly Paxton
The Daily Sheeple
16 January 2014

"Putting the “stalk” in stalker, a new facial recognition app for Smartphones will allow a user to scan a crowd and pinpoint people with profiles on online dating sites or social media sites."


The website for the NameTag app

analysis of Open Door figures on Christian persecution

The Existential Elephant in the ‘Christian Persecution’ Room

Raymond Ibrahim
Islam Translated
17 January 2014

"Here we come to some critically important but blurred distinctions.   While Christians are indeed suffering extreme persecution in North Korea, these fall into the realm of the temporal, the aberrant, even.  Something as simple as overthrowing the North Korean regime would likely end persecution there almost overnight—just as the fall of Communist Soviet Union saw religious persecution come to a quick close.

In the Islamic world, however, a similar scenario would not alleviate the sufferings of Christians by an iota."