Sunday, January 19, 2014


Uh oh, Wendy Davis’ life story not what it seems

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection
19 January 2014

"To summarize the rest of the [Dallas News] article, which of course you should read in full, her second husband paid her way through her last two years of college and all of Harvard Law School, he raised their two daughters for whom she didn’t even fight for custody. She left her husband the day after he made her last student loan payment"


ten years later…

Morality Doesn’t Evolve [From My Vault]

Mychal Massie
The Daily Rant
18 January 2014 (Vault: original post date 6 July 2004)

"One must beg the question; if America continues on the path of labeling as good that which from the beginning was bad, what will she ultimately become?"


A correspondent emailed an article by Mr. Massie several days back. I researched to find the origin and have been a devoted reader since. Sophia.

let's just hope he's chortling, somewhere off the page

New Marriages May Sharply Decline in Coming Transhumanist Era

Zoltan Istvan
Huffington Post
16 January 2014

"While many in the world may not realize this, civilization is on verge of the greatest change it has ever known. Entire social systems and institutions may soon become obsolete, nonfunctional, and even unsafe. "


I still have a bit of difficulty not chortling myself; surely, they jest.

If only they jest

does NY need a new governor?

Cuomo: ‘Extreme conservatives … have no place in the state of New York’

Casey Seiler
Capitol Confidential
17 January 2014

""Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.""


Hat tip: Steve Quayle, via Brietbart

violence at a mother's hand

Mother, Woman Stab 2 Kids to Death in 'Exorcism' Attempt; Hurt 2 Other Children

Anugrah Kumar
The Christian Post
19 January 2014

""Cases like this are heartbreaking," Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said in a statement. "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims along with the 911 operators, police officers, evidence technicians, and fire and EMS personnel that responded."

A minister whose church Avery attended was quoted as saying that the mother, who had separated from her husband, received mental health counseling."


WJZ-13 quotes an unidentified witness who said that the women alleged to have killed the two toddlers tried to escape via the back door of their home as police broke through the front door.

The alleged exorcism attempt and motive are under investigation.