Sunday, January 26, 2014


White House warns Obama could go around Congress

Philip Elliott
Yahoo News | AP
26 January 2014

""When American jobs and livelihoods depend on getting something done, he will not wait for Congress," Pfeiffer wrote in an email to Obama supporters Saturday."


Another onslaught against those who question Obama

As others have been warning, this man will stop at nothing…

connecting dots

West Virginia Officials: Don’t Drink The Water! Drink The Water! No, DON’T Drink The Water!

Deborah Dupre
Before It's News
19 January 2014

"Even as West Virginia officials lifted the water ban in the last of nine zones Saturday, more people were getting sick from chemical exposure from Kanawha Valley’s drinking water, according to the Charleston Gazette.

By Saturday, 411 patients had been treated at 10 hospitals for reported chemical exposure since the water crisis began on Jan. 9, according to Allison Adler, a spokeswoman for West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources."


I ran across Ms. Dupre's articles over at Steve Quayle's site and proceeded to read several of them at their original site (links below lead to other links), but held this post to think over. Ms. Dupre's reports are quite detailed, and give every evidence of being well-documented.

What concerns me herein is that several alternative journalists were warning (via 'whistleblowers' and/or 'insiders') that something was going to happen in "Region 3" (which includes West Virginia).

When the West Virginia chemical leak came down, some connected the dots.

I am not going to say anything one way or the other (read: when something is left to a reader's discretion, that reader should be adept at reading between the lines). If these things (the global of some of the more stunning claims—and I refer here to far more than the articles linked in this post) are even partially true, it is very dangerous material. What Ms. Dupre describes is not exactly the way it was laid out on the nightly news.

Too, other sources have been covering what happened in the Gulf, and many of them concur that mainstream media has not been telling the story quite the way it happened.

Several conspiracy theory bloggers are no longer set out here at this blog: whether what they keep warning will happen/has happened or never will happen (that place I mark as, because people are whispering these things and/or shouting them from the rooftops, the 'story' which is created via their unrest is a story we must be reading), a marked lack of credibility (when some stories are vetted further) has been found on more than one occasion, in addition to problems with at least one of their sources, whose lack of credibility I have covered elsewhere at the blog (and will leave to the reader's discretion in reviewing).

I remain a woman who believes that it is better to cautiously investigate what is out there, just in case. That covers, as I have lamented elsewhere,  a wide range of 'fantastical,' and—as I have had to note more times than I prefer, a whole lot of folk crying wolf.

I am more guarded, however, about what I set out here now, and can only suggest that readers may want to begin to track some of these items on their own as well.

That caution includes not linking back to the sources mentioned above…

All that said, we are indeed crying into a wind that is so strong it will topple all of us one day, much like that wind yesterday walking up 10th St. to wait the bus at world-famous Peachtree Street—a street made famous, really, in cataclysmic circumstance (à la Gone with the Wind) that we can only hope we will not experience again soon. A wind so strong that I had to hold my hand-knitted cap with one hand so that it would not blow from my head.

But it's not a matter of if. It's a matter of how many will be lost. It is there that we have room to move about, and change a future told to us long ago by the One.

Ominous cast to the whole, yes, but that is why these are notes from a dying city…

Read Tracy Kidder's 2009 book, Strength in What Remains, this past week, and his descriptions of the trek of Deogratias, a young medical student, through Burundi and into Rwanda, then back again, during the massacres (genocide seems too pale a word now, this side of the Twentieth century—Wikipedia describes it as a mass slaughter and that does as well to point out a scream from the very earth beneath us to our God: how could this be?) between the Hutus and the Tutsis in 1994.

For all that we do not know yet which wolves to believe, the descriptions of a society in upheaval are necessary reading.

Just in case.

[Readers should note that Before Its News is not one of my favourite sources. I read a great many people whose ideology at large I do not necessarily agree with: it'd be a cold, lonely world otherwise…

Suspect Heaven will be filled with an assortment of folk that many would not have dared greet, this side of Heaven. Seems sometimes the better move to get accustomed to such now…]

Comparison of West Virginia and the Gulf spill
After water was declared safe?