Friday, August 1, 2014

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Emory Healthcare to treat Ebola patient

Misty Williams
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
31 July 2014

"Emory University Hospital is expected to receive a patient infected with the deadly Ebola virus within the next several days, the university announced Thursday."


Ebola outbreak may already be uncontrollable; Monsanto invests in Ebola treatment drug company as pandemic spreads

Mike Adams
Natural News
31 July 2014

"Just how much Ebola virus does it take to infect someone? Alarmingly, as the Public Health Agency of Canada explains, "1 - 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans." (8)

Read that again: it takes just ONE aerosolized organism (a microscopic virus riding on a dust particle) to cause a full-blown infection in humans. 


UPDATE: Emory University Hospital may be receiving two patients rather than one; current information is that the transfer will be next week.

[Note to readers: A great many things have occurred in the time since I went on a sabbatical with this blog, noting as I did that some events along the way would require posting.

I can't say what is true or factual about any of these stories: merely that both sides of this issue should be in view. Whether the virus can be transmitted in the way some writers are describing, making informed decisions requires at least examining the possibility. Would that it were that we could pick and choose reality, and reality would be what we chose. As we cannot, reading from opposing views remains the requisite.

The links which follow are primarily from alternative sites, which may be harder to locate for those interested in reviewing the other side of this looming development.

This is a potentially volatile situation, and one where cooler heads must prevail. I live in Atlanta. Am I panicking? Not so much panic, as the wish that I could depart the city until whatever might or might not happen has come down the tube, and is resolved, and we know more than we at present can know as certain fact. I could have done with a little less reassurance from the Atlanta reporters last night that the virus could not be spread except by, etc., and that we would all be perfectly safe, etc.…

Have read too much now to easily coast along on that one.

The thought that the patient may already be here in the city does occur, as does the unfortunate realization that diarrhea is going to be most suspect when encountered in our work places: based on what I am reading, the virus itself could already be in our cities and nation (and world) at large. Ed.]

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