Saturday, August 2, 2014

ebola patient in Atlanta

Ambulance believed to be carrying Ebola patient arrives at Emory

WSB-TV tracked the landing of the plane at Dobbins Air Force Base this morning as Breaking News, culminating with the arrival of an ambulance at Emory University believed to be carrying the first of the Ebola patients to Emory University Hospital.

The above heading is from their site, however, I have been unable to establish the link to their live feed: what is on their site as that feed showed a weather screen, by the time I finished copying it to this post, and subsequent attempts to regain the original feed have not worked.

Twitter link gives the same WSB Live link, but it, too, goes to a weather screen. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has posted an article covering the arrival at Emory. According to their report,

Shortly before 12:30 p.m., the patient got out to the back of the ambulance and walked into the hospital. The patient and the ambulance crew were all wearing white germ-containment suits that covered their bodies from head to toe.

I had expected a medical helicopter for the transport, and am surprised that the transport was on ground level. Emory University is a city campus, and access to it is through Atlanta neighborhoods.

For those interested in keeping up with the local coverage, the following links are for the non-cable Atlanta networks and one for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

WXIA-TV (NBC affiliate)
WSB-TV (ABC affiliate)
CBS Atlanta 46
Fox 5 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution