Friday, August 15, 2014

supplies needed in Africa

You Are Not Nearly Scared Enough about Ebola

Laurie Garrett
Foreign Policy
14 August 2014

"Here is the list of supplies Emmet A. Dennis, president of the University of Liberia, e-mailed that he needs for his medical school personnel now fighting cases in Monrovia:
Gowns -- Isolation
Underpads -- Disposable
Gloves, Examination -- All Sizes
Body Bags - Adult & Children
Infectious Waste Bag -- Red
Face Mask -- Duckbilled
Face Shield Disposable
Eye Shields -- Disposable
Shoe Covers
Aprons - Disposable
Sanitizer Wipes
Plastic Boots
Surgical Caps -- Disposable
Scrubs (L & XL)
Thermometer: Infrared -- Thermofocus
Disinfectant Soap
Chlorinated Disinfectant
Rehydration Fluids
R/L Solution
N/S Solution
It simply does not get more basic. As there are no miracle drugs for Ebola, the needs include few medicines, though other local responders tell me that they wish they had sterile syringes, saline drips, and fever modulators such as aspirin."


Hat tip: The Extinction Protocol (Highly recommend bookmarking this site as it is carrying solid articles on the Ebola outbreak, many of which are not from mainstream American sources. He has several posts about the pandemic again today, but I chose this one for the medical needs list, as many of my readers are Episcopal, and the denomination is known for its willingness to take up causes for those in need.)