on reblogging

Interpretation of a landscape into the 'facts' that make up news is wider than many recognize and subject frequently to an individual's agenda. Yet at the same time, some facts are bald-faced lies and superimpose a myth in place of landscape upon the terrain about us.

All news is story, and a great deal of what is delivered as news is someone else's story. If the reader does not understand that, a visit to a coffee shop or street corner when something has happened will help elucidate. Formulate into exact detail (as if you can) what happened.

Who did it.

Who saw it.

Who said what. Can you determine what actually occurred based on the witnesses. Certainly, you will end up with a story that is probably representative of a near account of the actual event. And from these details, you might tell the 'news' that splats out into the day.

But another reporter might tell a different tale, or not even see that a story needed to be told. Stories are like the sand we crunch beneath our feet, to borrow an image: they are everywhere.

In that sense, simply because something is presented as news does not mean that it happened as this entity we term 'news.'

Distinguishing between news that is news because something happens and news that exists because, in the myriad of moments in a day, someone recognized a trend, and spoke to it, is requisite.

In both cases, however, the impact of that news upon the populace of planet earth becomes a story. It is from this ideation that reblogging to hand on the news becomes of note in its own right.

Reblogging is the story about the story. In the meanwhile, if something happens on a street corner and no one notices it occur...

Was it news.

If news happens and nobody sees, did news happen...

The news about the news is news regardless of whether the news is accurate or not. It likewise connects the dots whether the dots are true or not.

It creates a story in spite of whether the story is true and it is THAT story (the story about the story) that is the primary news with which reblogging is concerned. Great deal of true in that story, regardless of the facts.

And a great deal of necessity.

Certainly, however, whether the the facts that generate a news story are real or not likewise is a story...

As is the original collection of facts itself.

Because indisputably, in reporting fact (This is Sam. This is Jenny. Sam and Jenny are playing ball. Sam pushed Jenny down) separate from opinion (Jenny busted her knee but she isn't really hurt) or influence (Jenny shouldn't be crying) separate from context (after all, this is football) you end up with a story that is markedly dissimilar to what an individual's spin or agenda might create of a similar tale.

However, a distinction in 'importance' (and often, additional nuance) might operate to keep Sam and Jenny out of the news, where what the Supreme Court ruled is always news.

To return to the original ideation, however, the landscape into which the news is reported operates as reality, in a sense. What we believe about that landscape allows it to flourish, and impact the choices we make.

If we choose because we believe that appropriate choice is governed by what everybody else has chosen (or a man-made jurisprudence has orchestrated), rather than because an essential and timeless system of right or wrong exists that is separate from and outside of and superior to what an individual or community might choose, we fall to a man-made morality.

News as an accelerating function of the machine that runs that man-made morality is the reality of the day.

This blog is concerned with the story behind the story that is THE story that looks to see if the prophecies of the last hour might be happening now. As such, that essential and timeless system of right or wrong that exists and is separate from and outside or and superior to what any of us might choose or dictate governs all the news that is reported here.

And yes, 'now' began with the advent of Jesus Christ, Redeemer, Son of the Living God and the One whom He sent...

And continues, milli-second by milli-second to His return.

So many of the articles that need to be set into notes from the dying city veer over into agenda—and while many others are able to avoid agenda, they are relegated to agenda by virtue, really, of the ‘company they keep…’

Which keeps what is chosen to be set in here fraught with difficulty.

If no one sees Sam knock Jenny down, are Sam and Jenny news? And if Sam is the mayor's son and Jenny lives in a housing project and Sam is known for knocking smaller kids down and some have had to go to the hospital, does the story really need to be hidden on the back pages?

And should Sam be news? (So some might ask.) After all, his mother died when he was four and his devotion to her was the stuff of dream and his dad remarried within six weeks and the new wife brought in a darling of her own, same age as Sam...

But now his dad is running for Senator and how much of Sam's 'little' incident on the playground belongs on the front page?

The short answer, however, to a distinction between agenda and what is not, is that, if your drive to a better world is set on defeating your opponent, you likely have fallen to agenda.

If your drive to a better world is set on imposing your own view upon a landscape of slaughtered enemies, you likely have fallen to agenda.

Truth is the only purity, and truth is not tainted by agenda.

Truth is outside of each of us.

Truth is a Person. And Truth is obeyed (and everything there is in the difference between driving force to do, and obedience to), with everything each of us has in us.

To be sure, 'truth' gets iffy when you impose a truth upon Truth that is not-truth.

But that is what the battle of the last hour is all about.

And as for Sam...

For some unknown as yet reason, blogs get sorted in the search engine via readers and page views and links back to and divers other such items, which determine whether they are 'promoted' to the first page of a search topic or not.

Certainly, if a reader knows of a particular blog, and inserts a portion of the blog title into the search term, the blog pops up immediately, top of the heap.

But if the reader is searching information, rather than the particular blog (because they have never heard of the blog), front page visibility is important.

We know now that a bit of 'tweak' circumvents the actual process of the above: human tweak.

It is, then, indeed a boost (rather than a competition), when another blog reblogs your material (or gives you a hat tip to direct others back to your reblog of an original).

Reblogging is important for another reason as well, however, and that is the matter of visibility and public awareness. We are as yet still at a place in the human story where public opinion is feared.

Keeping items in the public view is a gift that rebloggers have that more traditional media lack (unless they continue, as indeed they often do, to create new articles on a subject). Even if they continue to generate new articles, a traditional news outlet can still only proffer an article the single time (although I do note that many of the TV news media are repeating entire stories often times without alerting to it being a previously-viewed segment).

Rebloggers can repeat links as often as they choose.

Certainly, with as broad a canvas (even in the narrow lens from which I blog) from which to choose in painting this landscape, simply because a news story is important does not mean it will be reblogged herein.

Notes from the dying city should be regarded as a supplement: the news of the day and the hour is not something about which any of us can be lax.